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Join us for a special series of Culture Days programming at Toronto Public Library. Branches across the city will be offering hands-on artist-led activities rooted in the theme of Creativity, the Arts and Well-being with a focus on storytelling. Storytelling can be found in all forms of artistic practice—be it dance, poetry, painting, photography—and appears everywhere in our day-to-day lives. And what better place to experiment with ideas of storytelling, personal growth and community well-being than at a local library? Toronto Public Library is the world's busiest urban public library system. Last year, they had 18 million visits to our branches and 31 million virtual visits. Torontonians borrowed 32 million items in branches and online. This series is a partnered initiative of Ontario Culture Days and Toronto Public Library since 2011. To learn more about TPL, visit, call 416-393-7131 or follow us on Twitter @torontolibrary.

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Toronto, ON


Culture Days


Culture Days @ TPL: The Stories of Us Workshop

Organized by Department of Imaginary Affairs at Toronto Public Library - Dawes Road Branch

In the Stories of Us workshop, newcomers will learn how to share their story in a way that can help them learn English as well as help others. Participants can tell, write or draw their story using story templates and add to our growing col...

Culture Days @ TPL: Clay Sculpture Creating

Organized by Mariana Bolanos at Toronto Public Library - Jane/Sheppard Branch

Mariana Bolaños' practice focuses on the benefits of working with ones hands to produce tactile sculptures. Her Culture Days @ the Library program will lead participants through a clay sculpture workshop. Participants will be invited to exp...

Culture Days @ TPL: Collaborative Dreamcatcher

Organized by Jaene Castrillon at Toronto Public Library - Bloor/Gladstone Branch

For Culture Days, artist Jaene Castrillon plans to create a collaborative dreamcatcher workshop. Participants will be invited to weave their own goals and positive thoughts into a large dreamcatcher, while learning how to create their own p...

Culture Days @ TPL: Collaborative Textile Landscapes

Organized by Kat Singer at Toronto Public Library - Runnymede Branch

Kat will facilitate a collaborative textile project, inviting participants to create representations of themselves in the form of trees made out of wire, yarn and fabric. As the trees are incorporated into a shared landscape, they enter in...

Culture Days @ TPL: Shakespeare Fusion Hip-Hop Project

Organized by Shakespeare in Action at Toronto Public Library - Fairview Branch

The Shakespeare Hip Hop Fusion Project: Youth Performance Program is a free creative writing and performance training program for youth ages 13-17 presented in association with the Toronto Public Library. Shakespeare and Hip Hop share many...

Culture Days @ TPL: Gratitude Cards

Organized by Kanika Gupta at Toronto Public Library - Sanderson Branch

Artist Kanika Gupta will lead a card-making workshop inspired by her recent research into personal reflections of gratitude as an exercise for increasing well-being. Visitors will design greeting cards focusing on sentiments of thankfulness...

Living in the Hyphen

Organized by Living Hyphen at Toronto Public Library - Malvern Branch

Are you a Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Colour (BIPOC)? Are you an aspiring writer or someone who’s curious to explore the world of words? Do you want to share your story of living in between cultures? Culture Days and Living Hyph...